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ONE-TIME OFFER: Procrastinator's Guide to Progress

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There are times when I still get stuck. Even when I've got my task list in front of me and I know what needs to be done...

But over the years, I've discovered exactly how to overcome procrastination (which also has the added benefit of reducing stress, and getting back so much more time).

Upgrade your order now if you want to get these simple, science-backed make progress, get things done, and stop putting off the important things in your life and work. 

The four reasons people  procrastinate (and how to fix it).

How to stop putting off important things in favor of “urgent” things.

One simple method for identifying your essential tasks of the day.

When to actually listen to your procrastination.

10 easy ways to ELIMINATE procrastination right now

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"Shawn knows his stuff!"

Marie Poulin
Founder, Notion Mastery

"I simply can't believe the amount of value and content in this course. It was so good I binged it like Netflix!"

Matthew Candler
University Teacher, Author